5.0 release notes

What’s new in 5.0

  • Upgrading docker image to python:3.6.10-buster
  • Upgrading requirements (Django 1.11.29 / grappelli 2.10.4 among others)
  • Dropping mysql support.
  • Adding Podcast file field to upload audio files manually.

How this affects you

If you’re starting with a new installation, you don’t need to worry about this. Don’t even bother reading this section; it’s for upgraders.

You need to replace your current source with the content of https://github.com/iago1460/django-radio. To setup your settings please read the configuration section.

You should be able to keep your current database but make sure to create a backup before start.


Required PostgreSQL 9.3 or higher.

if you are using our docker setup:

./run start