3.2 release notes

What’s new in 3.2

  • Solving ticket #5
  • Improving rss (adding images and fixing itunes encoding)
  • Added rss autodiscovery
  • Documenting django.contrib.sites
  • Improving ORM queries
  • Adding cache to singleton models using memcached
  • Improve performance in staging config using nginx cache, uwsgi and caching templates
  • Updating Spanish and Galician translations
  • Fixing progress bar in the main page

How this affects you

If you’re starting with a new installation, you don’t need to worry about this. Don’t even bother reading this section; it’s for upgraders.

You need to replace your current source with the content of https://github.com/iago1460/django-radio. To setup your settings please read the configuration section.

You should be able to keep your current database but make sure to create a backup before start.


You must ensure your episodes and programmes only have one role per user. A database constraint has been put in place as part of this migration.


This migration depends on settings.LANGUAGE_CODE, it will convert the role field into a editable CharField using your preferred language. Note you can change this value temporally to run this migration. More info.

pip install -r radioco/configs/base/requirements.txt
python manage.py collectstatic
python manage.py migrate


If you have a custom production environment please consider to apply our staging setup to improve performance.

Or if you are using our docker setup:

inv docker.clean -e staging
inv docker.setup -e staging