Source code for radioco.apps.schedules.utils

import datetime

[docs]def next_dates(calendar, programme, after): """ Returns: A generator with the next dates of a given programme """ if not calendar or not return from radioco.apps.schedules.models import Schedule # Only taking into account schedules which belong to the active calendar schedules = Schedule.objects.filter(programme=programme, type='L', calendar=calendar) while True: candidates = map(lambda s: s.date_after(after), schedules) try: next_date = min(filter(lambda _dt: _dt is not None, candidates)) except ValueError: break yield next_date after = next_date + datetime.timedelta(seconds=1) # schedules = filter(lambda t: t[1] is not None, zip(schedules, candidates)) schedules = [_tuple[0] for _tuple in zip(schedules, candidates) if _tuple[1] is not None]